• Béatrice Gysin
    Archiv der Vermutungen, Nr. 34, 2015
    Farbstift auf Papier
    29,7 x 21 cm
    Besitz der Künstlerin
    © 2016, ProLitteris, Zurich

Béatrice Gysin. Archive of Presumptions

Béatrice Gysin’s drawings are mostly shaped by a fine linear structure that recalls the patterns of fingerprints or the fineness of hair. She works almost exclusively in pencil, using red crayon on occasion as well. The depictions that appear abstract at first sight often also have organic or representational characteristics upon closer examination. The artist arranges these works in groups in her exhibitions, whether it be a classical hanging on gallery walls or set up in the space, for example on tables or behind panes of glass. The works will be supplemented by other chosen objects by the artist.

During a 2014 stay at the Cité des Arts in Paris Béatrice Gysin occupied herself with crayon in particular, breaking through into multi-coloured drawings. The Museum Franz Gertsch is pleased to exhibit these recent softly proliferating crayon drawings for the first time in a larger context—accounting for the name “Archive of Presumptions.” Further groups include a series of graphite dust drawings that take up details from famous works of art alongside free motifs as well as an arrangement of heliogravures.

Béatrice Gysin was born in Zurich in 1947 and now lives in Biel/Bienne. The artist works in the field of drawing and object art, and has been exhibiting regularly since 1980. Her works can be found for example in the collections of the city and canton of Bern, the city of Biel, and in the Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin.

The exhibition was curated by Anna Wesle in collaboration with the artist.


Béatrice Gysin. Archive of Presumptions

The Museum Franz Gertsch is pleased to exhibit recent drawings and heliogravures by the Swiss artist.