• Claudia & Julia Müller
    Rebus (Lehrling ohne Meister), 2009/2010
    Rauminstallation mit fünf Elementen / room installation with five elements
    Installationsansicht / installation view, museum franz gertsch, Burgdorf 2010
    Tür (Holz und Acryl) / door (wood and acrylic)
    Zylinder (Holz und Acrylfarbe) / top hat (wood and acrylic)
    Komparse (Collage auf Spiegel) / extra (collage on mirror)
    Scherenschnitt (Aluminium und Acryl) / silhouette (aluminum and acrylic)
    Stadtplan (Bleistift und Acryl auf Papier) / cit

Claudia & Julia Müller

From September 25th, 2010 to March 6th, 2011 the museum franz gertsch presents a solo show of the Swiss artists Claudia & Julia Müller (born 1964 and 1965).

The sisters Claudia & Julia Müller live and work in Basel, they are among the most important representatives of the contemporary Swiss art scene. Since 1992, they work as an artist duo.

Claudia & Julia Müller make use of various media and techniques which they combine to a convincing ensemble in their expansive installations. Involved are drawing series on paper, wall paintings, collages, objects and video sequences. The artists take possession of the three-dimensional space, charging it with an artwork that will be dismantled after the conclusion of the exhibition. In their works, Claudia & Julia Müller connect conceptual approaches with subjective references as well as abstract signs with figurative depictions. Thematically, they are concerned with cultural contexts and look into the basic conditions of human existence.

At the museum franz gertsch, Claudia & Julia Müller will realize two site-specific installations. In room 3, the artists will show an adapted and further developed version of their installation “Rebus (Apprentice without Master)” which was presented for the first time in Innsbruck, Austria in 2009. Five elements, which can be read as visual letters, are situated in a black room, referencing each other narratively. The title “Rebus” means a picture puzzle and so the viewer is left to decipher the relationships. For room 4, a distended wall painting was designed, which is accompanied by sculptural objects. The suggestive pictorial world enriched with narrative elements surrounds the viewer on all four sides and challenges him to confront the questions posed.

An encounter between the younger artists and Franz Gertsch will take place in the cabinet. This meeting of early drawings by Franz Gertsch with early works on paper by Claudia & Julia Müller provokes a dialogue. The exhibition of the artists at the museum franz gertsch – their first solo exhibition in Switzerland since 2004 – makes an overview of their earlier work possible and furthermore features new site-specific installations.

The exhibition was curated by Anna Wesle in cooperation with the artists.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Zeichnungen von Claudia & Julia Müller sowie von Franz Gertsch im Kabinett aus konservatorischen Gründen nur bis zum 30. Januar 2011 zu sehen waren.

see the calendar: www.museum-franzgertsch.ch/veranstaltung/index.php

Claudia & Julia Müller