• Irene Bisang
    Sonnenmeer [Sunsea], 2012
    Oil on wood
    17,5 x 19,8 cm
    Collection of the artist
    © Irene Bisang

Irene Bisang. Magic Onion

Irene Bisang’s art draws on her imagination as well as the abundance of pictorial material that surrounds us today. From the banal to the special and even the fantastic, almost anything can find its way into the wide range of figures and objects from her small-format drawings, watercolors, oil paintings and collages. Life’s basic themes, sexuality and death have long woven their way through her work, the most recent examples of which are characterized by a profound occupation with religious motifs. Despite her clear narrative approach, Irene Bisang’s works remain open for various interpretations, allowing for the viewer’s personal sympathetic comprehension and understanding.

Irene Bisang (born 1981) shows a large number of her new works in the cabinet exhibition at the Museum Franz Gertsch. The individual pieces that invite the visitor to an intimate close-up view are loosely connected to each other in an installative hanging that references possible links and connections.

The exhibition was curated by Anna Wesle in collaboration with the artist.

Veranstaltungen zu dieser Ausstellung

Irene Bisang. Magic Onion

In conjunction with its series devoted to young contemporary art, the Museum Franz Gertsch will show an exhibition of painted works, watercolours, drawings and collages by the Lucerne artist Irene Bisang.