“gertschish” – a dialogue

Franz Gertsch inspires pupils from the Grammar School Burgdorf

Together with five art teachers, pupils explore the characteristic aspects of Franz Gertsch's art. They follow his tracks and are guided into unknown territory. During the process, they imitate, modify, interpret and develop a (pictorial) language of their own called “gertschish”.

Different aspects are taken up. Portraits and landscapes are regarded as the main themes among the artist’s works. Accordingly, the pupils work along these motifs. They encounter imgaes of friends, acquaintances and relatives in their personal surroundings; nature provides rivers, stones, groups of trees and grasses. These pictures are chosen and used in various manners; they are projected, transferred, reworked, dissolved and questioned.

Additionally, the process of artistic creation is brought into focus. How, for example, a woodcut is being built up by a lot of light dots. They experiment with matrix dots as well as with closeness and distance, with focussed and unfocussed images.

As a result, a multi-faceted reflection on a demanding artistic level is established. Projections and installations will be presented in the exhibition alongside drawings, prints and paintings. The wide variety of works is intended to open up new insights into the art of Franz Gertsch.

The teachers: Nataraj von Allmen, Oliver Lanz, Peter Greisler, Annette Rhiner, Samuel Schneider

“gertschish” – a dialogue