• Li Trieb Die grossen Wasser II, 2003-04
    Graphit und Pigment auf Papier, Zeichnung 48 x 96 cm, Blattformat 79 x 120 cm
    Sammlung Willy Michel

li trieb - archiving the moment

The experience of time is a central topic in Li Trieb’s artistic work. She examines different aspects and versions of subjectively experienced and objectively measured time in various works she groups under the title „Archiving the moment“. Li Trieb has been working on the series since January 1, 2000, that is engendered by a rigid concept of everyday life and artistic creation. Every morning she defines the color of the sky in a poetic verbal expression and takes one photograph of the sky. She continously produces pure pigment depictions of cloud formations, whose transience is reflected in the ephemeral technique of the unfixed drawings. Li Trieb also plays with the aspect of time in her cycle of graphite drawings "Die grossen Wasser" („The Great Waters“). Here, she renders the sensuous experience of water surfaces in perpetual motion through various layers of fine strokes which produce a picture that looks like a snapshot. These different elements add up to a conceptually impressive, artistically sensitive and multifaceted installation on the topic of time.

„Archiving the moment“ is Li Trieb’s first individual exhibit in a museum.

franz gertsch – woodcuts

During the summer months, we will again present works from our Franz Gertsch collection in our spacious museum rooms. This year, we will be showing a cross-section of Gertsch‘s monumental woodcuts: some portraits, works from the "Schwarzwasser" series („Black Water“), plant motifs such as "Rüschegg" or "Gräser" („Grasses“), and one of his recent major works, Maria (2001-2002), which is one of Gertsch‘s largest woodcuts up to date (400 x 550 centimeters). The presentation of "Das Grosse Gras" („The Big Grass“, 1999-2001) will be a special attraction: four monumental woodcut triptychs measuring 400 x 850 centimeters each, in turquoise, ultramarine blue, vermilion red and midnight blue. They form a sacred and celebratory ensemble, the density and intensity of which is but seldom to be experienced in an art space.

li trieb - archiving the moment