• Pascal Danz
    porn kitsch 2, 2015
    Öl auf Leinwand / oil on canvas
    200 cm x 140 cm
    Privatsammlung / private collection
    © 2016, ProLitteris, Zurich

Pascal Danz. Highlights

Pascal Danz’s paintings, which are often based on photographs or other media images, are characterized by a consequential preoccupation with light and shade. Brightness and darkness, overexposures and blank spaces are omnipresent in the artist’s oeuvre. He likewise kept his eyes open for the light reflecting on surfaces or in a room and such reflections are in part the true themes of his pictures. The paintings that range in subject from landscapes to still lifes, interiors and genre scenes oscillate between figuration and abstraction. They train the viewer’s perception if not conceptual issues of perception, reality or even painting itself are the central concern.

On 7 September 2015 the Swiss artist Pascal Danz died in a tragic accident in Iceland. He had set out in late July for a four-month research trip there, where the skilled hiker especially intended to capture the experiences he made of nature in photographs and drawings. Unfortunately, he was not able to translate these intense impressions into paintings. The Museum Franz Gertsch is proud to be able to present a retrospective exhibition of the artist’s work to mark the first anniversary of his death — in the same gallery spaces that were already selected with him before his accident for a solo exhibition. The show features significant works from the artist’s diverse multimedia work. Particular emphasis is given to his in part large-format paintings, for example his Zurich paintings.

Pascal Danz was born in 1961 in Bangui, Central African Republic, and went to school in Bern. He afterwards studied in Lucerne and Geneva. After 1989 he regularly exhibited at home and abroad, receiving prestigious Swiss grants and prizes from 1992. In recent years he lived in Zurich, teaching there at the F+F School for Art and Media Design. His
works are represented in numerous public and private collections.

The exhibition was curated by Anna Wesle in collaboration with Felicity Lunn, the artist’s wife and director of the CentrePasquArt in Biel.

Catalogue: Pascal Danz. Highlights, ed. by Anna Wesle, exh. cat. Museum Franz Gertsch, Freiburg i. Br.: Modo, 2016, ISBN 978-3-86833-203-2, CHF 48.-


"Pascal Danz. Vor der Reise", Ausstellung in der Galerie Bernhard Bischoff & Partner, Bern vom 1. bis 23.12.2016


Pascal Danz. Highlights

The Museum Franz Gertsch presents a retrospective exhibition of the artist’s work. Particular emphasis is given to his in part large-format paintings, for example his Zurich paintings.