• Wasa Marjanov
    Theatre Boxes, 2003
    Holz | wood, 30 x 30 cm
    Besitz des Künstlers | Collection of the artist

wasa marjanov - theatre boxes

Wasa Marjanov (born in 1947 in Pancevo, ex-Yugoslavia) balances on the borderline between reality and utopia, between seriousness and subversive irony. His works can be seen as sculptures as well as architectural models. Moreover, they incorporate other genres such as photography, music and theatre.

"Theatre Boxes", an installation with multiple elements, is inspired by 20 well-known theatre pieces. Externally uniform, each minimal grey cube reminiscent of unpainted concrete buildings such as the Gertsch Museum is dedicated to a different theatre piece. An individual architectural-sculptural spectacle unfolds in the interior of each cube, where every title is staged in a particular way.

The boxes themselves are arranged around two large figurines representing the world of stage performers. The tension between inside and outside, between constructed architecture and deconstructionist sculpture reminds one, among others, of the structure of a museum: an externally clear and determined frame, the interior full of free images and imagination.

With "Theatre Boxes", Marjanov also tries to establish a dialogue with other art genres. He commissioned Hans Joachim Bormann to compose a music sequence for each theatre piece to be used as the soundtracks to a video track showing the opening of each box. Moreover, Marjanov asked the photographer Bernd Jansen to take some pictures of him in different places throughout Düsseldorf that also relate to the different titles. Marjanov thereby creates a scintillant Gesamtkunstwerk embracing architecture, sculpture, photography, music, and theatre.

The exhibition catalogue includes texts by Armin Zweite and Joachim Geil, 112 pgs., CHF 38.

wasa marjanov - theatre boxes