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Wolfgang Straub - Enchanted Gardens

Exhibition at the projektraum im park

Wolfgang Straub - Enchanted Gardens

Wolfgang Straub was born in 1969. Both parents studied art history; his father was a professor at Stuttgart Art Academy. From the estate of a great uncle, he was given his first camera in 1983, a 1925 Leica I, the first 35 mm camera, thus beginning his first intense occupation with photography. Systematic exercises in pictorial composition were carried out under his father's supervision, himself a talented photographer. The first still lifes were taken at this time. Straub studied law at the universities of Basel, Berne and Geneva. He is partner in a law firm in Berne. He has also frequently published in the field of information technology law and taught at the informatics department at Freiburg University.

Photography continued to play an important role for Straub. The surrealist series of still lifes 'Le dictionnaire des analphabètes' produced since 1993 has been published in magazines on five continents. Gardens already fascinated him at an early age. His first childhood years were spent in a house surrounded by an Italian-style garden with extensive pergolas. Straub began working systematically with gardens in the late nineteen nineties. The 'Enchanted Gardens' picture series has been gradually produced since 2000.

Gardens have been places of enchantment since antiquity. Landscape parks are perhaps among the earliest examples of concept art insofar as they create places of the imagination. 'Enchanted Gardens' deals with conveying an emotional content by means of altering forms of expression: From three-dimensionality to photography, from the chronological continuum to the frozen moment, from real colorfulness to monochromatic abstraction. It is often just a brief moment in which the glistening sun reveals something of the ideas on which those gardens are based. The exhibited photographs are the result of a search for such enchanted moments over the course of an entire decade. Their monochromatic appearance, triggering a certain irritation, recall the cyanotype, a photographic process from the time of the late English park.

A series of 12 large format prints as well as a series of smaller prints are exhibited for the first time.

A catalogue of the exhibition has been published by the Museum Franz Gertsch in collaboration with Wyss publishers. It contains 24 photographs as well as introductive texts by Konrad Tobler and Wolfgang Straub. ISBN 978-3-033-02263-8 (Museum Franz Gertsch) and ISBN 978-3-7285-2010-4 (Wyss Verlag), hardcover with book jacket, 80 pages, CHF 58.-

See the artist's website: www.wolfgangstraub.ch

Wolfgang Straub - Enchanted Gardens