• Franz Gertsch
    Sommer, 2008/09
    Acryl auf ungrundierter Baumwolle / acrylic on unprimed cotton
    325 x 490 cm
    Sammlung Dr. h.c. Willy Michel
    © Franz Gertsch

Works by Franz Gertsch

The work of our museum’s namesake will very naturally also be represented in the coming exhibition period. Still remarkably creative and productive despite his advanced age, the artist continues working with his accustomed precision on new pieces in his Rüschegger studio. This means that he does not rush things, so we are all looking forward to see if something very new will go on show from September in Gallery 1.

We are pleased and also grateful that Franz Gertsch has made the basement level of his museum available for the presentation of the retrospective of his recently deceased young painter colleague Pascal Danz. For this reason his own works will only be exhibited in a single gallery. The Museum Franz Gertsch has always shown the paintings and woodcuts of the older master in a dialogue with paintings, prints and drawings by
mostly younger artists, thus ensuring a long-term balanced exhibition programme.
In order to increase the flexibility of the exhibition spaces we are planning — as has already been announced in the press — on adding a new gallery through a subterranean extension. Thus it will be possible to show Franz Gertsch’s Four Season cycle (2007 — 2011) on a more or less permanent basis. The acquisition of the four paintings that doubtlessly represent a highlight of the artist’s late work by the museum’s patron, Dr.
h.c. Willy Michel, has ensured that they will remain in Burgdorf.

Veranstaltungen zu dieser Ausstellung

Works by Franz Gertsch

Parallel to the exhibition "Pascal Danz. Highlights", paintings and woodcuts by Franz Gertsch will be on show in Room 1.